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On the Phone

Telephone Consultation

At a time that suits you we  can discuss your concerns and come up with a diet plan to help both you and your pet. From optimising the raw diets, navigating home cooking or selecting the right commercial diet for you and your dog or cat.


Grey Kitten

Commercial diet Support 

Starting up your own business ? 

Creating new recipes?

Need customer support?

Please get in touch I am experienced in taking fresh food companies from vision to market


To Enquire about a service visit 


I am passionate about education and provide nutrition courses for owners and professionals.  I also teach vets and nurses and canine professionals around the country or online.

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Personalised Diet Formulations

During our longer consultation I can review your current diet and look at how this can help support disease processes. I work with raw and home cooked diets to ensure balanced and complete fresh food for optimum nutrition


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